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About Us

9 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheels // 

We offer Professional Driving Instruction from Friendly Instructors

Welcome to First Safety Sunshine Driving School.  Our hands-on 5 - 10 week program will be a positive and productive experience which will have lifelong benefits.

We encourage & foster a cooperative partnership between students, parents/guardians, & instructors by working together with our students & their parents/guardians to ensure that our students acquire a new set of low-risk behaviors that will serve to produce a lifetime of accident free driving.

Our program cannot guarantee that you will become a good driver. Becoming a good driver is a combination of your personal attitude, perceptions, emotions, & commitment to responsibility. While we strive to help each of our students acquire the perceptual, cognitive, physical, & social skill necessary to becoming a consensus & low risk driver, only the students’ commitment to excellence will dictate their level of success.

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